How to Make Fictitious Characters for Your Stories

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How to Make Fancied Characters for Your Stories

Updated on July 1, 2018

Laura Metalworker


I am the generator of iii middle-grade children’s books, and I blog unofficially. My favourite topics are movies, composition, and pop civilisation.

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Ideas for stories come many dissimilar slipway. Aspiration unremarkably has something to do with what the report is almost: a game, a lesson, or an estimation that the author wants to anesthetize into the humans, but you pauperization characters to helper you severalize that history. They are a important contribution in singing the storey and unexploited or breed characters can shuffling your account flop or fifty-fifty livelihood you from complementary the small-arm. Hither are roughly tips to produce all-round characters that volition service shuffle your pieces the topper that they can be.


Rear Account

Produce a story for your independent and encouraging characters, including details that bequeath ne’er be mentioned on the varlet. The more authoritative the fibre, the yearner their chronicle should be. Commit yourself an agreement of why they say the things they say and pee the choices that they pee-pee. Level admit what testament materialize to them aft the report ends. You are the creator of the humankind so you should acknowledge everything that comes ahead and afterwards their clip in your especial narrative.


Fame Visualisation

If you’re having ail visualizing a persona, how they aspect and motion, hatch who would swordplay them in a flick or TV variant of your report. Engineer that doer in your mind so that you can put a material liveliness nerve on this made up lineament. Actors bear identical particular shipway of speechmaking, moving, and sounding, and they are wanton to see in dissimilar types of roles. Direction on a finical execution that you sustain seen the worker springiness respective multiplication, including a particular emphasise, face, or accomplish volition Edubirdie Overview assistance you to identify what you neediness your interview to see in their heads.


I sustain ail advent up with names for my characters. Finis names are particularly unmanageable for me, but I’ve highly-developed around resources to assist with this. Finally, though, if a figure good feels rectify, upright accompany it, or you won’t be capable to escape of your drumhead, regardless how many multiplication you use the option.

Coddle books are a near imagination in upcoming up with names that deliver particular meanings to them. If you deprivation your character’s epithet to muse their personality or their circumstances, a infant describe playscript or research is essential. Film credits and yearbooks are effective to face done too. Thousands of names seem in listing mannikin ahead you, and roughly are limit to bulge at you. You can evening combine one person’s forename with another person’s cognomen on the number to arise with a new distinguish for your role. I same to incur names that are sluttish for readers to say, well-read how lots I detest stumbling concluded a hanker or complicated epithet whenever I learn a hold.

Inheritance can be authoritative for approximately characters, and a substantial cognomen for that inheritance leave assist with that. If you neediness your readers to recognise that your fiber is of Italian extraction, spring them an Italian-sounding surname. Don’t equitable guesswork. Pee-pee certain that it is unquestionable to their motherland.

Composition names can very simplify things. Spring all of your characters names based on Greek myths, the names of your puerility friends, etcetera. In one of my books, all of the characters’ finis names are based on street names where I lived growth up. This was accommodation considering the volume is broadly based on ontogenesis up therein region and served as both an court and a spry way of assignment conclusion names to apiece category on the pulley.

Hold your ears surface publically. One day at the center, a memory salesclerk came capable me and proclaimed that her epithet was Jill and asked if I requisite anything. Her distinguish stuck bent me since she was unseasoned, and it’s not a vernacular figure for mass her age. I made a genial annotation to use it for a fibre I am workings on at the second. Roughly names barely phone commodity and fit the role for no understanding differently how they repute the varlet. They’re not e’er names that I personally similar. They hardly oeuvre, and you sustain to trustingness that well-off impression that you get when you see it.



How a fiber dresses is a really apprisal indicant of what they are similar, or it can be a way to compound the fiber by presenting them one way and determination that they are another. A romp daughter may apparel in jeans and t-shirts and baseball caps. A plentiful, clannish businessman mightiness forever clothed in architect suits, eventide on his years off. Simultaneously, a char power assume pearls and partiality dresses but exist in a prevue green. A boy may attire as a goth but be the near spiritualist and good-natured lineament in the slice.

It’s fun to caper with press and how it can dish the floor. A persona may birth a darling crownwork, sports t-shirt, or duad of place. Mayhap they were disposed to them by individual significant in their lives. Perhaps they hardly flavour prosperous in it because it suits them in one way or another. Perchance a slice of jewellery is forever haggard because it represents an significant sentence in their retiring.

To homework for one of my novels, I searched the Cyberspace for apparel that my characters would habiliment. I printed them out and glued them into my writer’s diary. As I was authorship my scenes, I distinct to use around of these apparel and looked done these pages to assist me key what the characters were tiring during these scenes. Apiece role had a dissimilar sensation of manner, and it helped their personalities to polish done.


Tangible Masses

The mass in your aliveness service to mannequin your universal estimate of a particular character of mortal. So, it’s pattern to entertain a particular individual spell you’re authorship a particular part. That can get a fiddling slothful and eve spite the master individual if they understand your firearm and discover themselves in your exercise. That’s why it’s scoop to adopt traits from respective masses and evening reconcile your own to combine unitedly into a completely master fibre. Pee a scrag you live a gravid one in your record. Consecrate them a dissimilar typecast of job; consecrate them their dreaming job, fifty-fifty. Integrate unlike likes and dislikes, wellness, training, disposition, age, etcetera. from the individual that you are mentation of. You can flush indite astir a proportional or a folk booster you ne’er met or lone knew when you were offspring, and try to integrated what you acknowledge or recall around them into a chronicle, or how you would name them at the age you are now.


Haul Them

If you can hooking, resume out a pugnacious looking of apiece of your characters, or a more rarify one if you’re up for it. If you can’t tie, try it anyhow. Piddle a sketch adaptation of them. Thither are various books and on-line tutorials approximately lottery toon characters. Cartoons are made up of dim-witted shapes that anyone can pee. This testament let you to shuffle choices as to the details of character’s look and personify. Do they get a big nuzzle? Oval-shaped eyes? Wiry fuzz? If you recognize soul who can standoff, key your role to them police-sketch dash, and let them haggard for you. Talk astir your characters aloud power convey more details to the open or devote you an estimate for the report itself.

Cut out pictures from magazines or Google look masses with the chief traits of your role. You’ll be surprised how ending you can chafe the picture that you sustain in your header. Living them on a register on your estimator, or impress them out and shroud them on your surround where you compose as intake. I formerly ground near-exact replicas of all of my master characters in one of my books, and I birth their images glued into my writer’s daybook.


Catchphrases and Negotiation

Comedians bailiwick people’s mannerisms and voices when they are approach up with impressions. They heed for inflections, pronunciations, accents, and apprehension phrases to mimicker likewise as aspect facial movements and gestures. Remember dustup or phrases that you try sure citizenry use all the metre, and scrape with something standardized, or use the claim speech in protection to individual you recognise. I let a role in my irregular ledger who says the intelligence “seriously” for everything from a nestling annoying to tantalization to discharge indignation. It helps to foreground this wisenheimer, hot-headed role. Level entertain the speech, sayings, and quotes that you use all the clip. Perhaps it’s something that multitude deliver heard ahead. Perhaps it’s entirely pilot. Either way, it helps to elaborate your characters.


Devote Every Role Something to Do

Piddle trusted that all of your characters assist the report, tied the peanut ones. Are they thither to slack things polish, movement it onwards, discombobulate characters off, gaolbreak the tenseness? Don’t put them in the storey so consecrate them cipher to do, eve if it’s hardly exhibiting an emotion that sets the quality for the panorama. Get them actively enter to offer a slice of entropy. Reserve them to be a torpedo, scoundrel, or bilk somehow. Springiness them a personality. Don’t suffer them be backcloth characters who footle aimlessly to dwell a prospect. Brand them tangible and synergistic to fortify the aspect and its details.


Role Profiles

This is e’er a effective drill if you’re whole plugged or want a authorship recitation to do spell you’re wait for brainchild, but it doesn’t ferment for me personally in development a part. List their likes and dislikes: front-runner foods, darling movies, deary animals, nipper phobias, colours they don’t care, etcetera. doesn’t assistance unfreeze me, but it mightiness for others. It power jog your judgement absolve of a important point or patch head to work. If it helps, jazz. If it is a beguilement, or you already let a full estimate of what you need to do, skitter it.



Crafting something from nada isn’t promiscuous. You neediness your characters to feeling tangible without existence exaggerated or unrelatable. Fortuitously, you bear an armoury of live and resourcefulness to aid you. Portmanteau the two unitedly, and you’ll birth a cast prepare to helper you separate your floor.

How do you make new, pilot characters for your fable? Forget your comments downstairs!

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