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language: ○English Menu ×Credit Card;
guide_job_title:Underground different space;
guide_instagram:shibuya_oath ;

description:Many legendary parties by pure underground DJs that represent Tokyo has been held at this club, and remains in history of the scene, From party maniacs to night club beginners, international clouds gather every night. The luxurious interior catches one’s eye, but the true charm of this place lays in the balanced, rich sound that can be enjoyed equally whether you are at the counter, the box seat or in front of the DJ booth. Events that feature talented DJ’s in Japan are held from Monday to Saturday.;

what_guide_provide:Nothing special;
what_guest_bring:Nothing special;
where_coordinate:渋谷 oath;
group_size: 10 people;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;



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    video_src:; subtitle:minimal,techno,house; title:; location: shibuya; duration:pm19-am5; content:Beer700Yen,Gintonic700Yen; language: ○English Menu ○Credit Card; guide_name:EN-SOF Tokyo; guide_job_title:In the sound with coziness; guide_instagram:en_sof_tokyo; guide_facebook:ENSOF.TOKYO; guide_description: ; description:Tucked away in the hidden corners of Shibuya, EN-SOF is Tokyo’s best kept secret. Equipped with the best sound system in the city, rub shoulders with the likes of Sakanaction and other big names as they travel incognito to check out this venue’s fabled sound. Audiophiles will never want to go home. ; what_guide_provide:・Any action that may cause trouble in the vicinity, such as making a noise or disturbance outside of the event space (the common area of the building etc.) is strictly refused. ・Compensation must be paid if the equipment and/or facilities are damaged.; what_guest_bring:Nothing special; where:Shibuya; where_coordinate:EN-SOF TOKYO; group_size: 10 people; who_can_come:EN-SOF Tokyo has a nostalgic and comfortable atmosphere so you’ll forget the hustle and bustle of the center of the city. Also we provide fabulous alcoholic drinks. Everyone should relax listening to brilliant music in the venue.; cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;

    video_src:; subtitle:House,Techno; title:; location: shibuya; duration:pm19-late night; content:Beer700Yen,Gintonic700Yen; language: ○English Menu ×Credit Card; guide_name:KOARA; guide_job_title:DJ BAR; guide_instagram:shibuyakoara; guide_facebook:DJBARKOARA; guide_description: ; description:"DJ BAR KOARA, which opened in Jinnan, Shibuya-ku in August 2007. A variety of artists appear on two pillars of good quality sound and sake. That your favorite DJ is playing. All orange and grapefruit juices used in cocktails are hand-pressed, so especially for women, please try it. "; what_guide_provide:Persons under the age of 20 are not allowed to visit.; what_guest_bring:Nothing special; where:Shibuya; where_coordinate:KOARA 渋谷; group_size: 10 people; who_can_come:「We look forward to your visit to experience the delicious cocktail and sound system.」; cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;
  • Débris

    video_src:; subtitle:House,Techno,Soul,Others; title:; location: shibuya; duration:Weekend pm19-am3、Others pm19-am1; content:Beer800Yen,Craft gintonic1000Yen; language: ○English Menu ×Credit Card; guide_name:Débris; guide_job_title:Underground DJ Bar; guide_instagram:debrisdaikanyama; guide_facebook:; guide_description: ; description:creative space "Débris" Like a true secret speakeasy bar, “Débris” lies behind a wall in a restaurant/library building and must be entered in a special way. Once you know the code to get in, our playful entrance door opens up to a space where people gather night after night for unique music and drinks. Designers for “Débris” include one of the top creators and producers undertaking much acclaimed parties and events around Japan. Its somewhat oriental and highly exclusive atmosphere re-captures the era of prohibition, the time of outlawed alcohol. With its top-flight sound system, sophisticated menu and deeply chill vibes, “Débris” is an ideal venue for any occasions. Chilling and enjoying a little chit-chat with your fellows or trying and spreading the serious cultural statements out loud, just about anything goes here. At “Débris” people come and go and often float around like the space debris in the outer space. It is a slice of Neverland for people in a search for the “SPACE” to reveal their creative mind. ; what_guide_provide:Nothing special; what_guest_bring:Nothing special; where:Shibuya area; where_coordinate:Debris 代官山; group_size: 10 people; who_can_come:Nothing special; cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;