Prankster Husband Puts Wife For purchase on eBay Because ‘She Nagged Him For Feeling Ill’

Prankster Husband Puts Wife For purchase on eBay Because ‘She Nagged Him For Feeling Ill’

Prankster Simon O’Kane (left) placed their wife Leandra (right) up for sale on e-bay

A spouse prankster took objectifying ladies to your level that is next he place their wife on the market on e-bay such as for instance a second-hand automobile – but ended up being stunned whenever bids topped the common cost of a Jaguar.

Father-of-two Simon O’Kane posted a photo of long-suffering Leandra alongside a tongue-in-cheek advertisement detailing their cause of offering her therefore the benefits and drawbacks regarding the ‘purchase’.

These included her bodywork that is‘decent and when you look at the kitchen’ and describing her as ‘not new has been utilized but nonetheless got the right kilometers left inside her.’

Motorbike lover Mr O’Kane, from Wakefield, Yorkshire, place his wife on the block at around 10pm on Wednesday after claiming she had been unsympathetic as he moaned about feeling unwell.

The 33-year-old ended up being stunned whenever bids hit ?65,880 within two times – though she ‘wanted to destroy him’ when she discovered a day later that she ended up being ‘for sale’.

Mr O’Kane, a telecom engineer and proud owner of the Triumph Daytona 650, said: ‘I arrived in after work feeling a bit tired and unwell – my had been spouse dong the most common bit that is concerned stated I happened to be burning the candle at both ends and ended up being simply whining at me personally.

Mr O’Kane ended up being stunned if the bids for Leanne started initially to top ?65,000 – significantly more than the average cost of numerous luxury vehicle brands

The reference that is advert ‘decent bodywork and skills into the kitchen’ and described her as ‘not new has been utilized but nonetheless got some good kilometers left in her’

‘I thought “right I’m going to put you up for sale”.’

The post checks out: ‘For sale one spouse.

‘Not new has been utilized but nevertheless got some miles that are good inside her.

‘Reason for selling* I’ve had my fill and feel just like there must be somebody me (oh dear Jesus please let be) there.

‘Good points: Body work and paint work still in decent form and it has some abilities when you look at the home.

Motorbike enthusiast Mr. O’Kane put her up for sale after claiming she had been unsympathetic as he moaned about feeling unwell

Mrs O’Kane ‘wanted to kill her joker spouse whenever she discovered a day later that she had been ‘for sale’.

‘Bad points: usually makes this noise that cannot be silenced if you do not order completely new shiny elements of steel.

‘Sometimes them sic abilities within the home end in you finding yourself in medical center.

‘All in every maybe maybe not a bad model for the entire year, I’m sure some happy man gets plenty of usage.

‘Offers welcome, may think about a component trade for a more youthful model.

‘*T&Cs: as soon as purchased you simply can’t return* EVER!’

Whenever Mr. O’Kane’s beauty therapist wife heard bout the prank she strike the roof.

The 27-year-old said: ‘I became positively fuming – we desired to destroy him.

‘Everyone at the office saw it and had been laughing their minds down. Not merely did he place me on the market but he used this type of photo that is bad.

Despite being the butt of her husband’s perpetual jokes, Mrs. O’Kane does find a way to get her back that is own on

‘He constantly moans he’s poorly, he’s a hypochondriac, he then swans down to your gym for three – four hours at the same time.

‘I told him then he doesn’t deserve my sympathy if that if he can go to the gym.

‘If e-bay hadn’t taken the detailing down, who understands just how much I would personally ‘ve got?’

Following the first few bids trickled in she proved a winner with bids soaring to significantly more than ?65,000, topping the typical rates of Jaguars, in addition to BMW and Mercedes cars.

Fellow bikers got in regarding the laugh by asking questions regarding mileage and upkeep.

Simon said: ‘There had been a couple of general pervy guys asking to get more images but the majority for the responses to your advertisement had been hilarious.

‘The most readily useful one ended up being ‘has she raced or rallied?’ Both of us liked the guy trying to exchange her for a camel, plus the man attempting to workout exactly how much bacon he might get really got us howling.’

Bikers soon began getting back in regarding the laugh, with one guy asking about how exactly much bacon he might get away from her

Mr O’Kane said: ‘There had been a couple of basic pervy dudes asking to get more images but the majority for the responses towards the ad had been hilarious.’

The serial joker admitted that he’s a large kid at heart and contains a reputation for pranks on their partner.

Mr O’Kane stated: ‘I do a complete great deal of material, but absolutely absolutely nothing as outlandish as that one.

‘I work abroad very often and said I’d discovered her a truly good BMW obtainable like and was going to buy for her that I thought she’d.

‘She had been dead excited about any of it – then whenever I delivered her photo it had been certainly one of a actually battered ?300 BMW.

‘She really didn’t just like me for some time from then on one.

‘In addition shared with her I’d got her a Mulberry bag, nonetheless it ended up being merely a case from along the fruit and vegetables market.

‘I consider it’s enjoyable.’

Despite being the butt of their perpetual jokes, she does have the ability to get her own straight back on him.

Despite their antics, the couple remain close, with Mrs O’Kane usually using the mickey as he are at the gymnasium

Her spouse stated: ‘When she boils down to your fitness center the mickey is taken by her and attempts to find out I’ve done something embarrassing.

‘They all get along it’s just a little bit of fun. along with it and simply take her side – but’

She added: ‘He’s like a child that is little their pranks, so that it’s good to have right down to the gymnasium and acquire my personal straight back.

‘All their huge cage fighting mates are petrified of small 5ft5 me – they all cower in my experience, it is how to meet asian ladies actually funny.’

Now he’s got to fund their prankster methods, as their spouse says she’ll be taking revenge – on his wallet.

Mrs O’Kane stated: ‘The punishment because of this prank that is particular be their charge card.

‘I happened to be likely to have new Mulberry case for xmas but I’m perhaps maybe not waiting until then, I’m going to own it for my birthday celebration in November.’

Mrs. O’Kane intends to exact her revenge this time around by purchasing by by herself a brand new mulberry case off her husband’s card

Mr O’Kane said: ‘I’m really fortunate that she’s this type of legend and takes all my pranks in the chin.

‘I happened to be disappointed the listing had been removed, primarily because i desired to observe how high it might get nonetheless it had been a concerning laugh thus I wasn’t actually gutted.

‘It wasn’t like I’d really let someone have her – she’s too good.

‘I’d like to express I’d have actually invested the money to my fantasy storage and a number of lads’ holidays down on the bikes, however the the reality is I’d likely have spent it on getting her straight straight back.

‘I think they’d are plenty of grovelling and lots of handbags being purchased.

‘Either that or I’d be investing the income on security from my spouse.’

eBay didn’t respond when approached for comment.

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