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Eclectic Music Night with Tokyo’s latest talents!


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video_src: ;
subtitle:Music event invitation;
title:Eclectic Music
Night with Tokyo’s latest talents!;
location: Tokyo, Akihabara;
duration: 3 hours;
content:Including①Entrance fee ②1 drink;
language: English,Japanese;
guide_name:Ken Kobayashi;
guide_job_title:Music Producer / Promoter;
guide_instagram: ;
guide_facebook: ;
guide_description:Hi! My name is Ken, and I am a music producer and an event organizer based in Tokyo. I go by
the name SKYTOPIA when I make music and I mix Japanese rap with colorful aesthetics and
catchy melodies to create a unique world. Music has been a life-long passion for me and I was
lucky enough to have grown up in three of the most inspirational cities: London, Berlin and
Tokyo. I have learned a lot from each scene, and, now, here in Tokyo, I want to use all the
experiences to create events that make people connect, get inspired and simply, have good

description:The event is called #家onclouds, which goes together quite well with the name of my musical
project, SKYTOPIA given the sky association. 家
means “house” (pronounced “ie”), and represents the fact that it’s a friendly, homey and
comfortable vibe that welcomes anyone. The “onclouds” bit represents an aim to create a
dreamy, other-worldly atmosphere.
My nights are pretty eclectic: I noticed that in Tokyo, events tend to be pretty defined, operating
within common boundaries such as “live concerts” and “club events” typically with a strong
association to a rigid scene. So you do often end up seeing the same set of indie bands,
rappers or DJs across different venues and events. I wanted break these boundaries a little bit –
after all, narrowing it down too much doesn’t do justice to the wide range of talents in Tokyo,
and so I every time, I invite bands, live acts, DJs and visual artists to take part.;

what_guide_provide:Including①Entrance fee ②1 drink;
what_guest_bring:Nothing special;
where: Tokyo, Kagurazaka;
where_coordinate:35.703960, 139.735006;
group_size: 10 people;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;


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