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“Food, Drink and People, a touch of Asagaya Deeps”

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subtitle:Nightlife guide;
title:Food, Drink and People, a touch of Asagaya Deeps.;
location: Tokyo,Asagaya;
duration: 3 hours;
content:1 drink and food for each spot (go around 3 places);
guide_name:Ko Noguchi;
guide_job_title:Shoes Sales / Dj;
guide_description:Sales by day, dj/music lover by night. ;

description:We are going to hop around (hashigo) some of Izakaya and bar that locals go. Drink, eat and get to know people. I hope you enjoy these Asagaya deeps.;

what_guide_provide:Including①3 shops crawl ②1drink(each spot)③1food(each spot);
what_guest_bring:If you want to drink more for 1 place, please pay each time.;
where: Tokyo, Asagaya;
where_coordinate:35.704639, 139.636917;
group_size: 1-4 people;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;

2 reviews for “Food, Drink and People, a touch of Asagaya Deeps”

  1. Johnson

    Love this tour

  2. kotaroise0124

    Great Local Tour in Japan Nightlife. I recommend this tour !!!

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