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  • Discovering Suginami City; Izakaya, sento & more

    video_src:; subtitle:Nightlife guide; title: Discovering Suginami City "Izakaya, sento & more"; location: Tokyo, nishiogikubo; duration: 2 hours; content:Candidates for good food and good sake, and some of my personal friends to share time together ; language: English,Japanese; guide_name: Rina Kodama; guide_job_title: Nomad/dancer; guide_instagram:; guide_facebook:; guide_description: Hello there, I’m Rina, 24 year old living in Tokyo. I have been living in the Suginami City for quite a long time. I love hanging around and drinking with friends, and I’ve wandered all kinds of towns such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Meguro, etc, but I guarantee, Suginami area is one of the best to spend a relaxing, casual and cozy night. I am also a great fan of Japanese music, house music, underground club scenes, Japanese TV dramas and anime, so if you are into it, it will be great if we can share some of our interests.; description: If you feel Shibuya of Shinjuku, or any busy towns of Tokyo is too crowded and uncomfortable, Suginami city will be the place where you can find what you were looking for. The unique deep, dry yet very warm and welcoming atmosphere of this local area will certainly be an eye-opening experience to see more of what Japan has waiting for you.; what_guide_provide:Including①Sento ticket ②1 drink ③1 food; what_guest_bring:Be ready to enjoy and just have enough cash to thank the grannies of izakaya :); where: Tokyo, Nishiogikubo; where_coordinate: 35.703539, 139.600482; group_size: 5 people; who_can_come: Guests ages 10 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children under 2 years of age.; cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;
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