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“The anime songs dj event in Japan “

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subtitle:Otaku culture experience;
title:”The representative cosplay performance event in Japan “;
location: Tokyo,Akihabara;
duration: 3 hours;
content:Including①Entrance fee;
guide_job_title:Akihabara Broadcaster;
guide_description:Hi! This is Goku Sasakichi, who knows aboutAkihabara better than anyone else!<
I’m well known as “Mr. Akihabara”!
Do you like anime? Do you like manga?
Yes, we love, too!
We are OTAKU in Akihabara looking forwardto see you.<
There is the new way of the expression of OTAKUsoul here.<
Never being satisfied by only readingmanga, listening to anison, <
OTAKU here decided to stand on the stage toshow how they love them.<
Young, passionate cosplayers sing songs anddance to the music in their costumes of their beloved characters. <
After the show, we have the time to communicatewith the performers and you can purchase goods or even take photos with them. (price depends on each performers) <

Come and feel the souls of cosplay performersthat you cannot see even in Comic Market!<;

description:The representative cosplay performance event in Japan for the fresh stage performance held monthly in Akihabara.;

what_guide_provide:Including①Entrance fee;
what_guest_bring:nothing special;
where: Tokyo, Akihabara;
where_coordinate:35.698086, 139.772674;
group_size: 1-10 people;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;

1 review for “The anime songs dj event in Japan “

  1. Johnson

    Great tour!!! I had great experience in nightlife japan with this package! Thank you

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    video_src:; subtitle:Nightlife guide; title:Sento & izakaya in Sancha; location: Tokyo,Sangenjaya; duration: 3 hours; content:Would love having a chat with you before we meet! Feel free to call or send me a message. :); language: English(fluent), French(native), Japanese(near fluent); guide_name:Denis Ledent; guide_job_title:Photography / Teaching / Marketing; guide_instagram:; guide_facebook:; guide_description:Hi! I’m Denis, Belgian, have been living and working here for two years. I live a freelance life, which means I’m all around the city all week. I like to say I’m a professional wanderer! I love photography, hiking, weird music, the nightlife and last but not least, food. Walking around here is hit or miss; somedays you get nothing, some other days you discover amazing places. In the absurdly large city that is Tokyo, there are more places than I will ever be able to visit, but I’d be happy to guide you to my hits and spare you of the misses.; description:Did not understand the title of this experience? Worry not, soon you will! Let’s first have a look at the city from above in a secret and free point of view that has nothing to envy to Tokyo tower! Then it might be a good time to try out one of my favorite things in Tokyo a “sento”. Once you know which ones are great and the proper etiquette, it’s basically a mini spa for just 4$! After that it’ll probably be time to eat. On the menu one of the best conveyor belt sushi of the capital, homemade curry made with love by a grandma in a tiny shop or…whatever caught your attention! Sancha, the locals’ name for Sangenjaya, truly has everything. Moving on to drinks, whether you’d rather sit comfortably or stand at the counter of a typical izakaya, I’ll guide you to my favs. Be careful there might be more food at this point! If you’re up for some music, there’s also a very chill ambient music underground bar. Finally, I’d love to warp it up by a stroll in the residential area, minutes from the station, whose peacefulness is hardly believable!; what_guide_provide:Including①Sento ticket ②Drink & food; what_guest_bring:Some cash for meals and drinks if relevant(credit cards will not work in most places). Easy to walk in shoes. Some part of the visit could include walking in grass or gravel, but no need to go full hiking mode!; where: Tokyo, Sangenjaya; where_coordinate:35.642784, 139.669647; group_size: 1-4 people; who_can_come:; cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;
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