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Tokyo dope sake and music tour


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subtitle:Nightlife guide;
title:Tokyo dope sake and music tour;
location: Tokyo,Sangenjyaya, Meguro(you can chose places);
duration: 2.5 hours;
content:Including①town guide ;
guide_job_title:music journalist / interpreter&translater / Dj;
guide_description: I’m aoi from Tokyo, Japan. I started going to gigs/ music festivals in Tokyo when I was 15 years old and I’m working for some music media as a journalist, interpreter and translator since I was 19 years old. Mainly I like US/ UK indie rock music, I’m good at digging new young indie bands, especially garage, surf rock and lofi. I did interview with 50 or more US/UK bands/musicians in the past.

Also, I really like dance music, especially disco, house and techno as well. I started my party All Die Young from 2016 at 32016. Recently we invite Tokyo local indie rock/electro bands and DJs regularly and succeed to mix and connect different music genres and people at the party.

My other hobby is travelling in the world I went to many gigs, clubs and parties in US, UK, France, Netherland in the last few years. These experiences inspired with my current activities as the event organizer and music journalist.;

description:What are you drinking at a party usually? Beer?Cocktail? I would love to recommend you sake if you want to enjoy Tokyo night life. Before, actually sake is for older people or we drink sake for only traditional events, however recently it is very popular during young people. As it’s our local alcohol, it’s cheap but good quality. There are many sake bars which serve different sake in cheap prices and it’s easier to try casually recently.
But beer and cocktails are still popular at parties (clubs) in Japan and it’s difficult for you to find local alcohol here. So, I will guide you Tokyo dope music bars were you can enjoy great sake and music. I’ll give you two options ( you can choose one or both)
There is a music bar, 32016 (aka Ume chan bar) at Sangenjyaya (it’s 2 stations from Shibuya). Always great local Djs spin Japanese reggae, disco, house, showa kayo (japanese old pop music) and sometimes heavy metal. There are big windows, Japanese traditional mattles (we called it “tatami”), you can dance with barefoot! Also the bar serves ONLY japanese locak sake, shochu, whisky and some liqul. It is the perfect venue if you want enjoy dope Tokyo music and drinks! Also there are some underground music bars and izakaya around there, so we can try another places after or before the bar!
Also I have another option. In Meguro ( there is 2 stations from Shibuya as well), there is a bar called Another8. This place is actually a beer bar (The first bar is in Kyoto.) and serves great beer, sake and tasty Japanese food! Also there is a dj booth and Djs play some chill lounge music,  you would enjoy chil time with music and drinks,;

what_guide_provide:Including①town guide ;
what_guest_bring:Some cash (credit cards don’t work for the bar 32016) for drinks and entrance (¥1,000).Also, it’ll be helpful to tell me your music taste beforehand.;
where: Tokyo,Sangenjyaya, Meguro(you can chose places);
where_coordinate:35.643255, 139.670200
group_size: 2-5 people;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;


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