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Japanese whisky with wamono (Japanese) records


Meeting Time


subtitle:Japanese music experience;
title:Treat yourself with wamono (Japanese) records. With good sound, good drinks.;
location: Tokyo, shibuya;
duration: 2 hours;
content:Including①Japanese music in a record bar ②Free drink(Japanese whisky and sake etc);
language: English,Japanese;
guide_name:Satoko Akune;
guide_description: Hi! This is Satoko. I am a writer/interpreter in Tokyo. Born in Tokyo and brewed in London, I write mainly about music scene for both Japan and UK based music media. In recent years Japanese music,“wamono’’ as we call, their re-evaluations has become a cultural phenomenon. Labels across the world started reissuing those records. And the fact that it is now becoming more and more popular among people overseas really makes me excited. As a japanese city-pop nerd I still can’t forget my experience in Barcelona, asking the bartender what song they are currently playing and ended up being explained “It’s Tatsuro Yamashita’s Paperdoll”. In one sense Japanese music became more accessible but on the other hand the accessible ones are not enough to describe all. So why not come join my tour and explore your new taste of music??
description: From over 2000 records we will select our recommended Japanese artists and play them by the best sound system. (Of course your request are always welcomed.) A small music bar in Tokyo will be our meeting point. Despite its size, the venue uses Musik speaker, known as the best loudspeaker from Germany,for their sound system. It ensures to maximize the thick sound of the record. Enjoy yourself with wamono records and delicious Japanese drinks.
what_guide_provide:Including①Japanese music in a record bar ②Japanese whisky and sake etc are Free;
what_guest_bring: passport;
where: Tokyo, Shinjuku;
where_coordinate:35.688493, 139.700019;
group_size: 5 people;
who_can_come: ;
cancellation_policy: Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.;


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